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Own A Dental Assistant School – Some owners ask how long is each class?

Learn How To Own A Dental Assistant School. Our proprietary program is 96 clock hours. We recommend a total of 12 weeks per session. Plus students must complete 36 hours of externship upon graduation.

We suggest 8 classes per year (meaning you can operate 1-3 classes per quarter) with one week off between each session. Following this formula, your earning potential for just 8 classes of 10 (students) each is $360,000.00 in gross tuition a year — on top of whatever you’re making from your normal practice production.

How Much Will This School Cost To Start-Up?

Our leading competitor charges 46k for a dental assisting school and they offer very little support and zero administrative service. Moreover, they do not get students for you. We offer a substantially better value for significantly less than our competitors cost.

Our prices start at 39k for most states except New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Michigan, Florida, and California (where the prices start at 43.2k). In Pennsylvania the price is 48k. if you own a medical practice and are interested you can also check Your Own Medical Assistant Academy.

We provide administration, enrollment, management and most importantly the marketing needed to get students.
In addition, our competitors charge monthly and annual royalties, we do not. We charge zero extra fees, we offer one time price for life. And ownership is transferable, meaning you can sell it

Proven, Time-Tested, Easy

  • Our turn-key program is proven and time tested, and above all else, successful at making significant money.
  • Our Dental Assistant Curriculum lasts 12 weeks (any day or multiple days), as opposed to 9 to 11 months for equivalent college courses, making Dentist owned D.A.S. a far more attractive choice for students.
  • With Dentist owned D.A.S. each school receives a protected territory. Then we go to work and fill up your enrollment with paying students.
  • The all-inclusive curriculum includes very easy-to-follow hyperlinked classroom instructor materials, PowerPoint presentations, tests, lab assignments, and a comprehensive grading system that tracks your students’ progress.

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