Learn How To Start A Dental Assistant School in Your City. Become A DA School Owner in Your Area

Learn how to start a dental assistant school with GMAX Hands-On University D.A. Schools. We have spent years perfecting a turnkey dental assisting school training program designed to produce happy, successful dental assistants and make extra money for the practice while it is normally closed. Own a dental assistant school and create new income stream. GMAX was voted the best trade school and vocational school program by students and owners. We’ve done the hard work and we’re now ready to share our hard-earned experience and processes with dentists across the country. Act now and you can buy a turn-key, state licensed dental assisting school from GMAX Hands-On University. We are the industry standard for education, trade schools and vocational school systems.

Remember, there is a tremendous amount of income to be earned by taking advantage of GMAX D.A. Schools. In some cases, the income that can be generated from GMAX D.A. Schools can meet or even exceed the production a dentist can earn from their dental practice.

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How Much Will This School Cost To Start-Up?

Our leading competitor charges 46k for a dental assisting school and they offer very little support and zero administrative service. Moreover, they do not get students for you. We offer a substantially better value for significantly less than our competitors cost.

Our prices start at 39k for most states except New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Michigan, Florida, and California (where the prices start at 43.2k). In Pennsylvania the price is 48k.

We provide administration, enrollment, management and most importantly the marketing needed to get students.

In addition, our competitors charge monthly and annual royalties, we do not. We charge zero extra fees, we offer one time price for life. And ownership is transferable, meaning you can sell it.

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