Learn How To Start A Dental Assistant School in Your City. Become A DA School Owner in Your Area

Become a Dental School owner with our dental assisting school program

Learn how to start a dental assistant school with GMAX Hands-On University D.A. Schools. We have spent years perfecting our turnkey dental assisting school program. We designed the program to produce great dental assistants and make extra revenue (in the form of tuition collections) for the practice owners while the practice is normally closed.

You can own a dental assistant school and create a new income stream. GMAX was voted the best trade school and vocational school program by students and owners. We’ve done the hard work and we’re now ready to share our hard-earned experience and processes with dentists across the country.

Act now and you can buy a turn-key, state-licensed dental assisting school from GMAX Hands-On University. We are the industry standard for education, trade schools, and vocational school systems.

Remember, there is a tremendous amount of income to be earned by taking advantage of GMAX D.A. Schools. In some cases, the income that can be generated from GMAX D.A. Schools can meet or even exceed the production a dentist can earn from their dental practice.

How to Start A Dental Assistant School – Call us at 1.800.906.0954 and find out if your city is available.

How Much Will This School Cost To Start-Up?

Our leading competitor charges 46k for a dental assisting school and they offer very little support and zero administrative services. Moreover, they do not get students for you. We offer a substantially better value for significantly less than our competitor’s cost.

Our prices start at 39k for most states except New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Michigan, Florida, and California (where the prices start at 43.2k). In Pennsylvania the price is 48k.

We provide administration, enrollment, management, and most importantly the marketing needed to get students.

We Also Provide — Dental Practice Development

As your dental practice development team, our essential target is to help improve the internal systems, protocols and develop your practice while at the same time decreasing stress for you and your staff.

Our methodology is not the same as the companies that make grandiose guarantees and offer “cookie-cutter development programs. Instead, we provide a practical development plan dependent on sound administration rules that incorporate success recipes, protocols, and systems.

How We Accomplish Dental Practice Development

Not every dental practice is the same. You have your own nuances that are the driving variable behind the development you need to grow and achieve success. Regardless of whether you are simply staffing a new practice or have an established practice that you want to increase we can create a custom development plan based on your individual objectives.

Objectives and Needs

We assist you with implementing objectives and put them in a concise system to assist you with turning your practice from really good to really Great..

Plan and Measure

Your development plan is dependent on clear objectives with simple protocols and metrics to follow progress consistently.

Continuous Help

Your designated team is only a call away! It’s stunning what you can accomplish with success protocols, best practices, and an expert team of developers close by you all the time.

Our team of experts will create a system based on an intensive practice examination of your dental practice. We will meet with you consistently, commonly twice every month, or daily. We will play out a wide scope of revenue-related, operational, and Individual protocols. This helps guarantee that the activities taken between meetings are pushing you toward your objectives.

Your team of experts will stay up on collections and on the production. We reduce the overall overhead of your dental practice, recognize areas that require exceptional consideration, and set up a working relationship with you, your staff, and your vendors.

Dental SEO Marketing

What can online dental branding do for your practice?

You’ll rank higher in Google search, help new patients find your service, and eventually, see more (and more) new patients.

At GMAXSEO, our online dental branding and marketing team makes a succinct plan for your practice. We laser focus on the present and future achievement. Our demonstrated techniques have worked for solo dental practices, small groups, and DSOs all around the USA. They are intended to:

Clearly convey your voice and qualities

Help your practice stand apart from the competition/opposition

Grow your practice reputation, site traffic, and Google rankings

Attract new patients who are an ideal fit for your practice

How To Get New Patients:

Our accomplished group has worked with many practices like yours—we recognize what works and what doesn’t.

GMAXSEO’s innovative practice developers, site optimization experts, and PPC specialists cooperate to make a custom dental campaign for your practice.

Combining best practices with demonstrated techniques that we’ve used to reliably increase new patient flow, our team makes and executes online dental practice development.

With strategic positioning, we’re ready to execute the plan and make consistent upgrades dependent on the information we gather. No deferrals. No issues. No problems. Simply the outcomes we use to develop your practice. Your online dental campaign may include

Dental Practice Development

  • Overhead control and progressive revenue cycle management.
  • Human resources and improved communication system.
  • Local search and Google Guides improvements.
  • Strategically focused on local partnerships.
  • New patient acquisitions and patient re-activation protocols.

GMAXSEO’s prepared to enable your dental practice to develop. We should discuss your objectives and how we can accomplish them together. Contact us today.

We are prepared to help. Local dental offices are seeing weight and competition from DSOs. Your dental practice development campaign —and your practices’ prosperity—depends on standing apart from the group, being seen, and impacting your practice’s one-of-a-kind offer.

GMAXSEO can help your dental practice get results. We show really good owners how to be really great owners.

SIDE NOTE: Hands-On Dental schools are another way to increase revenue at your office. You can learn how to start a dental assistant school in your own office. To learn how to start a Dental Assistant School Call 1 (800)906-0954.

For Dental Practice Development Service Visit: www.gmaxseo.com or www.smiledoctorbrand.com