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The field of dental assisting is fun, fulfilling, challenging and in need of qualified personnel. Dental offices all over the United States are experiencing a shortage of competent assistants. As technology expands in dentistry, there is an increasing demand for skilled assistants who are able to take x-rays, take impressions, make temporary crowns, and perform other important tasks. In recent years, experienced dental assistants have earned up to $25 per hour throughout the nation. states that the average starting rate is about $14.50/hr at the time of this catalog publishing, listed over 60 openings in dental assisting in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolitan area alone. The average salary for this position was $40k annually. Located in a working general dental office, Peak Dental has at its disposal state-of-the-art dental equipment and is staffed with experienced instructors who have taught and worked in the dental assisting field for many years. The School features small class sizes with a 6-1 student/teacher ratio. The School is owned and operated by Team Dentistry DSO. The objective of the program is to help students achieve a level of competence in expanded dental assisting functions that will qualify them for an entry level position as a chair-side assistant in a general dental practice. The program emphasizes clinical skills in recognition of the necessary tasks required in a working dental practice.


Program: Dental Assisting

This program is a class-based instructional program held in a working dental office, with a lecture area as well as treatment rooms, for hands-on instruction. Laboratory and sterilization areas are also used in this program.

Each semester will last 12 weeks, and will consist of the following:

  • Classroom/didactic instruction: 96 clock hours

  • Laboratory/clinical time: 48 clock hours

  • Externship: 8 clock hours

  • Total: 152 clock hours

Class hours are all day on Saturdays, with the laboratory on Thursday evenings, thus allowing students to hold a full time job while attending the dental assisting program. Additional study time and take home projects will be assigned. During the semester students will also observe various dental procedures as part of the course requirements. After completing 144 hours of class and laboratory, plus 8 hours of externship, students will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Course Outline Classroom Laboratory Externship Totals
Orientation to Dentistry Dental Anatomy and Charting, Patient 2 0 2
Exam, the Dental Patient Charting, Disinfection, Treatment Room 6 4 10
Care 8 4 12
4-Handed dentistry and Impressions 8 4 12
Radiography Safety and Techniques Dental Dams, Preventative, Coronal 8 8 16
Polish and Sealants 8 4 12
Restorative (amalgam and composite restorations), materials and instruments 8 4 12
Restorative (provisional coverage) and anesthesia 8 4 12
Review temporaries, x-rays, sealants, charting, cement, instruments MID-TERM 8 4 12
Specialties (perio, oral, prosth) 8 4 12
Specialties (endo, pedo, review ortho) Bleaching 8 4 12
Review and practice 8 4 12
Medical Emergencies, Front Office, FINAL EXAM, hand in competencies during Lab night 8 0 8
Externship 8 8
Totals 96 56 152

Facilities and Equipment

The dental assisting classes will be held in a fully equipped modern operating dental o?ce. The dental assisting students will have access to:

  • Air/Water Syringe

  • Amalgamators

  • Autoclave

  • Dental Lathe

  • Dexter Mannequins

  • Handpieces

  • Instruments

  • Light Cure Guns

  • Model Vibrators & Trimmers

  • Typodonts

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit

  • X-Ray Developers

  • X-Ray Unit

  • Panoramic X-Ray Unit

Entrance Requirements

Students must be at least 18 years old and possess a high school diploma or GED to be admitted into the Dental Assisting Program.
Enrollment can take place up until the ?rst day of class, depending on availability. After the ?rst day of class, students are only admitted for the next session.

Transfer of Credits

Credits from other programs and from other schools will not be transferred to this school. No credit will be granted for course work completed at other schools, previous work experience or training.

Attendance Policy

a) Not more than one absence is acceptable (case by case exceptions). If a student misses more than one class without prior permission, the student will be placed on attendance probation and will not be able to miss any more classes.

b) If the student misses another class without prior permission, the student will be dismissed from the program.

c) If a student is seeking to be re-admitted to the program, the student will demonstrate what he/she will change in order to adhere to the attendance policies of this school. Students whose enrollment is terminated for violation of attendance policy may not re-enter before the start of the next grading period.

Measurements and Evaluations

Measurements and evaluations will be taken throughout the program using objective traditional written tests, administered weekly, and performance-based activities during laboratories. A mid-term examination grade will be provided mid-term. A ?nal grade will be issued based on 4 grades: an ongoing measurement of laboratory activities throughout the term, an average of all the weekly tests, the mid-term examination grade and the ?nal examination grade.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

i.The school must refund all money paid if the applicant is not accepted. This includes instances where a starting class is canceled by the school.
ii. The school must refund all money paid if the applicant cancels by midnight of the third business day after the commencement of class or tour of school facilities.
iii. The school must refund all money paid if the school procured the enrollment as a result of any misrepresentation in advertising, promotional materials, or by a representative of the school.
iv. The school may retain one hundred dollars if the applicant cancels after the third business day after signing the contract and touring the facilities.
v.Refunds are made according to the percentage of clock hours of classes attended to the total of 144 hours up to the last date of attendance.
vi. Effective date of termination for refund purposes is the earlier of the last date of attendance or receipt of written notice of termination.
vii. Refunds are provided within 60 days of termination.
viii. Refund Policy for Students Called to Active Military Service: A student of the school who withdraws as a result of being called to active duty in a military service of the United States or the Texas National Guard may elect one of the
following options:

(b) a grade of incomplete with the designation “withdrawn-military” and the right to re-enroll(a)if tuition and fees are collected in advance of the withdrawal, a pro-rata refund as described in viii below of any tuition paid by the student for the program and cancellation of any unpaid tuition owed by the student for the portion of the program the student does not complete following withdrawal;
in the program, or a substantially equivalent program if that program is no longer available, not later than the ?rst anniversary of the date the student is discharged from active military duty without payment of additional tuition, fees, or other charges for the program other than any previously unpaid balance of the original tuition, fees, and charges for books for the program; or

(c) the assignment of an appropriate final grade or credit for the program, but only if the instructor or instructors of the program determine that the student has:

(1) satisfactorily completed at least 90 percent of the required coursework for the program; and

(2) demonstrated sufficient mastery of the program material to receive credit for completing the program.

ix. If training is terminated after the student enters classes, the school may retain the registration fee, plus a percentage of the tuition as described in the following table:

Attended 1/10 of the course 90% of the remaining tuition and fees
Attended more than 1/10 but less than 1/5 of the course 80% of the remaining tuition and fees
Attended more than 1/5 but less than 1/4 of the course 75% of the remaining tuition and fees
Student is in the second quarter of the course 50% of the remaining tuition and fees
Student is in the third quarter of the course 10% of the remaining tuition and fees
During the last quarter of the course No refund

Satisfactory Progress

a) A passing grade must be achieved by mid-term. A passing grade is a G.P.A. of 2.7.

b) A progress evaluation period is 1 week and includes 1 weekly quiz. The frequency is weekly.

c) If a student is carrying a failing grade by mid-term, the student will be placed on probation, for 2 weeks.

d) If the student does not achieve a passing grade (80%, B- or 2.7 G.P.A.) with the re-take of the mid-term and the 2 following weekly tests, the student will be expelled. A minimum overall G.P.A. of 2.7 must be achieved before graduating. Included in the measurement are the laboratory final grade, the average of all the weekly quizzes, the mid-term examination, and the final examination.

e) Students can only be re-admitted the following session and will have to demonstrate that their performance will improve. Under Texas Education Code, Title 40, Texas Administrative Code, Section 807.241-245 students terminated for unsatisfactory progress cannot be readmitted until a minimum of one grading period has passed.

f) Grades will be reported in letter grades and GPAs. Grades will be handed back to students in class with the graded tests & assignments. Official transcripts will be downloaded by graduates to their home computers. Grades and attendance are recorded on the official transcript.

Percentage Grade GPA
94-100% A 4.00
90-93% A- 3.70
87-89% B+ 3.30
84-86% B 3.00
80-83% B- 2.70
Under 80% F 0.00

g) Under Texas Education Code, Section 132.061(f) a student who is obligated for the full tuition may request a grade of “incomplete” if the student withdraws for an appropriate reason unrelated to the student’s academic status. The student may then be admitted into a future session within the following 12 months, provided those sessions have not been canceled, to complete the course at no additional charge. If a student requires remedial work, teachers will work individually with the student on Saturdays.

SchoolConduct Policy

The NSDA-Plano reserves the right to terminate the enrollment of any student who fails to maintain passing grades, who shows excessive tardiness or absence, who maliciously destroys or damages any school property (in which case the student may be held liable for repair and/or replacement of the damaged property), or who is in violation of the following acts:

i.Unlawful possession, use, or distribution of drugs and/or alcohol on school property, or during any school activity.
ii. Willful abuse of equipment.
iii. Insubordination and/or intolerable conduct.
iv. Poor attitude or lack of motivation.
v.Unauthorized use of school equipment.
vi. Falsification on any document.
vii. Cheating or plagiarism.
viii. Failure to make payments on due dates.
A student who has been dismissed may appeal the decision to the director, or apply for re-entry. A student who applies for re-entry must show a change in his/her conduct which would merit reconsideration. During the externship, the student is expected to appear wearing OSHA standard dress, and project a professional appearance and manner.

Graduation Requirements

A minimum overall G.P.A. of 2.7 must be achieved before graduating. The program is 3 months in length and will be completed in that time.
A Certificate of Completion will be granted to all students who pass the program requirements. All students will also receive official transcripts.

Job Placement

The NSDA-Plano does not guarantee job placement after the completion of The Dental Assisting Program. However, any student who has not obtained a position by the end of the program may choose to be placed on a list for “on-call” opportunities based on the need of area dentists.

Student Grievances

Complaints must first be addressed with instructors verbally. If this does not resolve the issue, a written complaint must be sent to the Director within one week of the instructor’s notice. The school has one week from the date notice is received to respond to the student complaint and attempt to resolve it. The sta? and/or director will research the complaint and attempt to resolve the issues brought forward in the complaint, with the student. Research might include contacting potential student witnesses.