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  • Train Assistants To The Style & Culture Of Your Practice
  • Help Educate Students plus Increase HR
  • Make Up To $4,500.00 Per Student
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2We Complete Hands-On Process
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A We Train Your Staff To Teach The Class
B We Bring In Outside Instructors

Note: All students, faculty and owners receive 6 CE credits for participation in our schools and classes. This makes our schools unique in the fact that we may be one of the only CE accredited programs in the United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.

Implement Our Patented Dental Assistant School Inside Your Practice

We have already done all the work, Including: Lesson plans, curriculum, state licensing for school, enrollment, school administration, staffing, marketing and management.

Is starting a Dental Assisting School too good to be true? Is the D.A. salary as good for graduates as the statistics say? We know you might doubt whether it is too good to be true. We honestly get it. we completely understand.

We have spoken with literally hundreds of dentists from all across the USA since we started selling our patented program for Dental assisting schools in 2009. Some of these dentists that we spoke with told us “point blank” that, “This just sounds too good to be true!”. In fact most dentists were a bit skeptical at first.

But let us remove all the emotion from the equation and focus only on the facts:

  • Dentists do earn more income on average compared to many other professions; however, their income instantly stops the moment they step away from the dental chair.
  • When a dentist’s office is closed, his/her facility sits there empty generating zero amount of excess income. You will not earn additional income each time your office is closed.
  • The dropping values of people’s home values and retirement accounts gives most dentists no other choice but to practice longer than they originally intended for more funds.
  • The country’s current economic condition has required more families to seek for secondary sources of income; thus, many people now are seeking training in dental industries including dental assisting. The dental assistant salary is great and the career further offers favorable hours and a myriad of benefits.
  • Over the past 3 years, enrollment in technical/ trade schools (non-traditional education programs such as Dental Assisting) has risen quite progressively. The Dental Assistant Salary is one of the best opportunities for those without college degrees.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the employment trend for Dental Assisting is predicted to grow on average more than all other occupations. All through the year 2020 and beyond. Dental Assisting is also currently the 3rd fastest growing occupation in the United States that doesn’t require a college degree.
  • Dentists (you) and the entire dental staff (your dental hygienists as well as dental assistants) are qualified and allowed to teach people to become dental assistants.
  • Most other kinds of “sideline businesses” for dentists require huge cash and time investments which most people do not have.
  • It only takes 11 students to recruit as dental assistants to get a 100 percent recovery of your entire investment in this dental assisting school business.

So there you go: The facts. No need for sales pitch nor any emotional anecdotes to convince you that this business is good and not too good to be true. Dental Assistant School profits are a great opportunity for your dental practice.

Can you do the school on your own (without our help)?

YES, you can DIY (do it yourself).

However, this is what it will cost in your time:
The average time to create curriculum is 1953 hrs, which is roughly 2 yrs (unless you were able to quit your practice and then focus only on developing the curriculum, then it might take less than 2yrs).

The average pay for a dentist according to DentalTown is 85-200 per hour (average equals 142.50).
EXAMPLE: 142.50 per hour@1953 hours = 278,302.50 worth of your time.

Plus Additional Factors That Would Require Your Time If You DIY:
Marketing, Advertising, Management, Enrollment, Administration, Facilitation, Implementation, Creating Website, Online presence, etc…

In addition, you will have loss of time with family, vacation time, and taking focus away from your practice.
Is it worth the cost of your time to DIY (do-it yourself)?

Or do it with our team and save over 230k of your time.
Moreover, you can be open and accepting students in less than 6 months with our team of experts. We have over 75 years of combined experience in eductaion and the D.A. school business.

You can start a dental assistant school inside your practice.

Simply put, we provide everything you need to run a dental assistant training school inside your office. This is a completely turn-key business, we even manage the advertising, administration and enrollment process.All areas of Dental Assisting required for the State Board certifications are covered so that students fully meet registration and licensing requirements. We have a one hundred percent success rate for getting state license approved for both schools and students.  And we offer advanced CE Training for the registered dental assistants after they complete the 12  week program.

Want To Talk About Passive Income?

With just 12 students @4,500 each you will have recovered one hundred percent of your initial investment (In New York, New Jersey, California and Florida it will take 13 students).

How long is each class?

We recommend a total of 12 weeks per session (three hours on a week night and 8 hours on a weekend). Plus students must complete 32 hours of externship upon graduation.

We suggest 8 classes per year (meaning you can operate 1-3 classes per quarter) with one week off between each session. Following this formula, your earning potential for 8 classes of 10 students each is 360,000 a year — on top of whatever you’re making from your normal practice production.

How Much Will This School Cost To Start-Up?

Our leading competitor charges 46k for a dental assisting school and they offer very little support and zero administrative service. Moreover, they do not get students for you. We offer a substantially better value for significantly less than our competitors cost.

Our prices start at 39k for most states except New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Michigan, Florida, and California (where the prices start at 43.2k). In Pennsylvania the price is 48k.

We provide administration, enrollment, management and most importantly the marketing needed to get students.

In addition, our competitors charge monthly and annual royalties, we do not. We charge zero extra fees, we offer one time price for life. And ownership is transferable, meaning you can sell it.

Proven, Time-Tested, Easy

  • Our turn-key program is proven and time tested, and above all else, successful at making significant money.
  • Our Dental Assistant Curriculum lasts 12 weeks (any day or multiple days), as opposed to 9 to 11 months for equivalent college courses, making Dentist owned D.A.S. a far more attractive choice for students.
  • With Dentist owned D.A.S. each school receives a protected territory. Then we go to work and fill up your enrollment with paying students.
  • The all-inclusive curriculum includes very easy-to-follow hyperlinked classroom instructor materials, PowerPoint presentations, tests, lab assignments, and a comprehensive grading system that tracks your students’ progress.

Begin with the end in mind ~ Stephen Covey

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